Each time you set yourself aside for God’s divine direction. When you apply the word of God which is God’s wisdom, you get your desire results in God’s word.
In order for God’s children to be victorious over the devices of Satan, they need to study to show themselves as a workman that needed not to ashamed, but rightly dividing the word of truth.

Daily confession
Your mouth is the edge of a sharp weapon. This mouth is use to cut down every reason, arguments that rises itself above the knowledge of Christ (2 Cr 4:10). Above all the tongue is an instrument of blessing when it is tamed by the word, it can also bring curses when it is untamed. Death and live lies in the power of the tongue.

Daily Devotion
Do you find yourself struggling to meet up your time daily with God? Do you enjoy reading your bible or you caught up with time due to schedule then you can read our daily devotion to receive a word.
Just as your body will desire food so do your spirit needs food to feed your soul to live a life beneficial for the soul?
You will do yourself good resist the pressure from the outside world if you are well build within with a word of God.

Weekly meditation
Whatever you meditate upon magnifies. If you choose to meditate on God’s word you will derive faith, strength and encouragement which will help you to overcome with difficult situation.
God instruct us to meditate on His word day and night, so that we will remember to live the word.
Through living on the word you we will be successful in all sphere of life and we will prosper with whatever we lay our hands to do.

Bible reading Plan
The word of God is settled in heaven. No debate, no clauses, besides it is purified (edited) seven times. Every consumer get the best out of a product by reading through the manual, so also will a believer function fully and reign with Christ in this earth if we study the scriptures and live to glorify God.
We have developed a daily bible reading plan which will nourish your spiritual life and will reflect your physical life.

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